The Students Affairs Programs

The Student Affairs committee sponsors WorldQwest.

WorldQwest is an interactive and educational scavenger hunt that is catered towards Middle and High School students. The scavenger hunt consists of the students visiting the different country exhibits and answering questions about each exhibit. In order to make sure each student is receiving the same demographic information from each booth, there will be a QR code that links directly to the ISF website, which has a biography for the country.

Some of the other tasks for the scavenger hunt include taking selfies while trying a new ethnic cuisine, or signing a pledge to not text and drive. The goal of the WorldQwest program is to have the students experience all that the festival has to offer by having them physically visit each part of the festival grounds. Upon completion, the students will visit the Student Affairs table (Located near the main Entrance of NPHS) to receive raffle tickets for participation. Tickets will enter them into the raffle for multiple prizes ranging from salon services to iPads.

Alexa Sullivan, or Matthew Winarski,">