The Students Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs committee was founded in the fall of 2014 as a way to grow the festival's awareness amongst Middle and High School students. This focus arose due to the festival having several activities catering to young children (The Passport Program and Kids Craft Corner) as well as activities for the adults (The Health Fair, Entertainment, Guest Speakers); but there was a gap in entertainment and activities specifically for Middle and High School Students.

As the committee was brainstorming ideas to incorporate Generation Z, it expanded from solely trying to create awareness to introducing WorldQwest, which is an interactive and educational scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt has students answering questions ranging from cultural customs to popular food dishes of a particular country, as well as incorporating questions from our health fair. The goal of the WorldQwest program is to have the students experience all that the festival has to offer by introducing them to all of the different exhibits.

For each correct answer or completed task, the student receives a ticket to enter the WorldQwest Raffle. The raffle has multiple prizes ranging from tablets to sporting event tickets. Since inception, the Student Affairs committee has introduced an internship program for High School Students. As you can see, the International Spring Festival?s newest committee is still growing!