Nationality and Vendor's Exhibits

Travel the world and learn of all the diverse representation that thrives in right here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The Main Gym of North Penn High School features International Spring Festival?s community, nationality and vendor exhibits. The community exhibits feature prominent local civic organizations in the North Penn Area. The country specific exhibits feature country specific books, flags and artifacts. Vendor exhibits feature arts and crafts for sale or promotion of a local non-profit that serves your community.

Nationality Exhibits

From our nearest neighbors, to the far reaches of the globe, North Penn residents proudly display countries based on their own heritage or citizenry, a deep personal connection, or even a country they whose culture they admire and respect. There is no right way or wrong way to represent a county, but we do ask that you arrange to share some artifacts, pictures, or items that tangibly represent an aspect of this country. While nationality tables are FREE for anyone who wants to share, we ask that only a country be promoted and that the exhibit not be used in any promote an organization or for sales. For this please see vendor displays below.

Vendor Exhibits

Vendor exhibits are a crucial component of the International Spring Festival. Whether you are interested in sales, awareness of your company?s services, or promote a non-profit that does good in our local or global community, the exhibits section of International Spring festival brings a high volume of residents and visitors every year.

Signup Now

Vendor tables are $60 for companies and $40 if can prove non-profit status, HOWEVER, if you sign-up on or before March 17, we will give you an early registration DISCOUNT!

By request, we can pair a vendor table with a nationality table. Please register for both and indicate the pairing in the ?notes and comments? section of both registrations.

Please click here for some examples of nationality tables that have been exhibited at past International Spring Festivals.