Country Exhibits

Example of Nationality Table Exhibit

There is no wrong way to present your chosen or native nationality exhibit. Whether you choose to use personal artifacts or literature from the country?s tourism department, we hope that you will enjoy putting together a fun and representative portrayal of the country.

In this example, we have chosen the moderately decorated exhibit of Canada. Iain and Katie Campbell of Lansdale, PA put together this table most years. Iain is an American born Canadian and his wife, Katie, grew up here in the North Penn Valley. Most of the material Iain used was made with his computer and printer and the rest of the material was donated by the provincial tourism boards of Canada. Again, this is just one example. Other display items that can be found include Chinese Sculptures and Toys, Cambodian Handbags and Art, and Turkish Jewelry. Please see the next page for more examples.

As you can see, Iain and Katie chose some posters from the Canadian Province of British Columbia; provincial tour books; lists of facts, flags, and sports teams; and a map of the country with some sites pointed out.

Example of Nationality Table Exhibit - Image #1

We also ask that each exhibit have a representative present for most of the festival. On the right hand side, you can see Iain, above, interacting with some students about Canada and Katie, below, warmly answering questions when asked.

After a few years Katie and Iain have reused a lot of their material, but they also add something new every so often. It has become a family tradition!

PLEASE NOTE: As you will see in the examples below, tables are assigned randomly and we are not able to guarantee that your table will be positioned in front of a wall as in the example of the Campbells? table.

Additional Examples of Nationality Table Exhibit

Example of Nationality Table Exhibit - Image #2

Example of Nationality Table Exhibit - Image #3

Example of Nationality Table Exhibit - Image #4